Supplying a qualified, modern, continuously developed education at undergraduate programme, by training Electrical and Electronics Engineers - who are capable of having a strong background in basic engineering, mathematics, physics, computer and information technologies; thinking analytically; having the qualities of leadership and creativity; using the necessary technical equipment effective and efficiently; finding quick, practical and right solutions to the problems; producing new solutions by establishing easy relationships among the topics; improving themselves continously by following the technological developments in the world;  having awareness of ethical behaviour required by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering; providing design, control, operation and protection of devices related with the field; studying and researching at national and international level; applying what they have learned into real life – it is to provide getting them ready for professional career, and to provide them the necessary training and self-confidence required for performing their graduate education in the country or abroad, and/or  training as academician.


To graduate high-quality leader engineers who accommodate the changes and developments in the 21st century, have the international level of expertise, are respected and preferred with their knowledges and professional backgrounds at national and international level. 

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