To educate individuals who;

  • will conduct the instruction, research and public service activities at universal standards
  • have the knowledge and skills to create the proper environment suitable for our current architecture conditions
  • are equipped with ethic and aesthetic values, concerned with the social and individual health, historic issues , are modern, creative and environmently conscious
  • are equipped with sufficent knowledge for a critical judge and interpretation to be able to be employed in academic instutitions, research centers and related government instutitions


  • support and get the architecture to have a multi-directional, collective and individual work perspective in a flexible and multi-optional workplace.
  • produce knowledge and document by conducting genuine research in an international level with an contextualised, cultural and interdiciplinary approach in the various fields and periods of constructed areas and architecture culture history.
  • ensure the permanance and formation of the constructed area in a conscious way in a regional, national and international level.
  • develop projects for the urban development of Turkey and especially Bolu and its around, participate the urban planning activities as a party



To become a respected department which ;

  • can compete in the international competitive atmosphere.
  • is equipped in scientific manner, dynamic in education, research and implementation
  • try to create the spatial design, studying system that education requires, environment conditions and facilities in the highest level
  • make the high level production in architecture field, is well-known in academic research in an international level.
  • play a pioneer and active role in the publicitation of architecture and architecture history culture.
  • have an active cooperational and communicational background with its shareholders
  • have graduate students preferred

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